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Rodless cylinder magnetic ring(magnetic force Specifications) introduce

The magnetic ring of rodless cylinder is a kind of ring magnet used in rodless cylinder. It is usually used in a group (two) together, one inside and one outside. Because of the high requirements for magnetic force, NdFeB high-strength magnet is basically used. It should be noted that the magnetism of the two groups of magnetic rings is opposite, so as to produce a larger suction.
What is the requirement of the magnetic value of the magnetic ring of the rodless cylinder?
The external magnetic field of standard magnetic ring of rodless cylinder is more than 4000gs, the internal magnetic field is more than 3500gs, and the magnetic force of standard magnetic ring of mini cylinder is more than 2500gs. Special magnetic force can also be customized according to the requirements of customers. Please consult customer service for details.
What are the commonly used specifications of the magnet of the pole less cylinder magnetic ring?
Rodless cylinder magnetic ring specifications
According to different regions and different diameters of rodless cylinders, the specifications and sizes of magnets are also different. The following figure shows the specifications of magnets commonly used in rodless cylinders in Zhejiang and Jiangsu.
What are the common coatings on the surface of the magnetic ring of the rodless cylinder?
Common is galvanizing, nickel plating, can also be coated with black epoxy and so on.
The above is about the magnetic force, specification, size, magnetization and coating of the magnet of the rodless cylinder. If you need quotation, sample magnet, please contact us.

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