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Rare earth quotations continue to rise, Myanmar's rare earths still ban exports

Under the influence of the epidemic, the rare earth industry as a whole still hasn't fully resumed production. Logistics, epidemic prevention and other factors have seriously hindered the transaction of rare earth products after this year, but the prices of mainstream products such as PR, Nd, Dy, TB and so on have continued to rise.
The general shortage of inventory in the downstream and the lack of enterprises that can ensure sales and logistics at present, the upstream enterprises continue to explore the upward adjustment. With the continuous release of logistics and the continuous expansion of return to work rate, the future transaction will gradually improve, and the upstream competition will gradually develop. Under the effect of the two, PR nd products are currently stable, and the speed and range of increase are relatively moderate.
Compared with praseodymium and neodymium, the price of dysprosium and terbium was raised faster. After the festival, the increase range is different from each other, but the main reason for the confidence of the shippers in the future is that the PR and nd are relatively sufficient, and Myanmar's rare earth export is still prohibited.
In December last year, Myanmar unilaterally declared a ban on the export of domestic rare earths. After several changes, no fundamental change has taken place. At the beginning of 2020, China was invited to visit Myanmar, and the two sides reached more economic and trade agreements. China continued to expand the import of rice and other products to Myanmar. However, according to the recent information, Myanmar has not yet opened its domestic rare earth export due to China's initiative and good faith, and the duration of the ban has not been determined.
The rare earth dispute between China and the United States has affected the international rare earth forms and patterns. The United States continues to support and attract the third-party rare earth forces, which inevitably makes some insiders associate.
Relevant agencies predict that Myanmar's attitude towards rare earth is not clear at present, but according to the feedback from domestic enterprises, there are many obstacles in the import of rare earth from Myanmar after the festival. Dysprosium and terbium products are only in the middle and high price in history. If Myanmar's rare earth ban continues, dysprosium and terbium products still have room for further increase.
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