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In 2020, China's ndfeb magnetic material demand growth can be expected

The amount of rare earth neodymium iron boron increases year by year almost, indispensable, so about 2020 our country neodymium iron boron amount, do you think will continue to increase? What new areas will be added?
Rare earth arc segmented strong magnetism
Some point out: in the next few years on the whole China's ndfeb magnetic material demand will rise slightly. Although the traditional automobile industry will be relatively less depressed, but the development of new energy vehicles is a trend, although affected by the policy will have some setbacks. The amount of ndfeb in new energy vehicles will be more than that in traditional vehicles, so the total amount will still be significantly increased. In addition, due to the rapid advancement of automation and intelligence, the robot and its servo motor will have a rapid growth, which will lead to the increase in the use of ndfeb, in addition to some new areas, such as high-speed rail, bullet train will also have more applications.

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