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Application of sintered permanent ferrite

Ferrite permanent magnet materials are divided into sintering and injection molding (bonding), among which the sintered materials are divided into dry pressure and wet pressure. This is about the general classification of ferrite hard magnet. Of course, ferrite also has soft magnet, which will not be introduced here. Today we mainly talk about hard magnet sintered (ceramic) ferrite magnet.
The use of sintered ferrite magnet may be the first time you think about the loudspeaker sound. Indeed, there are many such magnets used. Many people may also use the first solid magnet on some loudspeaker, earphone and loudspeaker.
So where is sintered ferrite often used?
1. Automobile motor.
Such as starter motor, fuel pump motor, fan motor, wiper motor, window motor, window motor, etc.
2. Household appliances
Such as air conditioning, television, washing machine, dishwasher, range hood, notebook, treadmill, massager, VCD / DVD, etc.
3. Loudspeaker
This is much more, such as all kinds of audio, speakers and earphones.
4. Sensor
For various sensors, it is recommended to read "what kind of sensor should use magnet?"? "
5. Smart home
Door magnetic sensor, magnetic suspension series products, electric curtain, intelligent security system, dishwasher, intelligent mop robot, etc.
6. Packaging printing
Moon cake box, color box, packing box, gift box, makeup box, tissue box.
7. Electronic hardware
Hardware accessories, hardware accessories.
8. Crafts
Such as badges, badges, white boards.
9, toys
Plush toys, magnetic toys, magnetic darts, magnetic blackboard Sassafras, etc.
10, pump
Such as fish tank pump, circulating pump, drain pump rotor, energy-saving pump, submersible pump, deepwater pump, etc.
The function of small ferrite is not small. The above are just some of the ferrite uses listed in small series. Due to the fragile characteristics of ferrite, the production and transportation process should be handled with care.
This article was originally shared by courage Xiaofu, a magnet manufacturer. If you want to buy sintered ferrite magnet, please go to the magnet picture column, which contains magnet pictures of various materials.

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