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In the solutions of acid, alkali and salt, Parylene has better protection effect on magnet

Because sinter ndfeb super strong magnet is resistant to corrosion, oxidation function is relatively poor, so the general need for electroplating, so,What kinds of coatings can be plated on the surface of NdFeB? Which effect is better in acid and alkali solution? Today I will explain to you.

Plated parylene Neodymium magnet image
Plated Parylene Neodymium magnet

NdFeB magnet coating generally includes nickel, copper, chromium, gold, black zinc, blue white zinc, epoxy resin, etc. The color of the magnet surface will be different depending on the material used. Preservation time and corrosion resistance are different.
According to the test results, in the three solutions of acid, alkali and salt, Perrin has better protection effect on magnet, epoxy resin is relatively poor, Ni coating layer, Zn coating is relatively poor. (the price of parylene will be much higher)
At present, parylene coating is widely used in ultra-small size ndfeb. Conventional products, such as permanent magnet motors, can choose electrophoretic epoxy paint, nickel plating, zinc plating, etc. if corrosion is to be improved. Customers can choose suitable plating materials according to the nature of the products.

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