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Introduction of application for NdFeB magnets with 3M double-sided adhesive

3M double-sided adhesive NdFeB magnets are also known as stick magnets, which is not only combines the strong magnetic force of NdFeB but also has the high viscosity of double-sided adhesive, with it you can to solve the adsorption problems of non-iron and iron objects. Meanwhile, it also to solves the problems for the disposable use of double-sided adhesive and difficult to deal with the stain after use. 
The magnets are mainly used for DIY household items and packaging boxes. It must be noted which usually to appear in pairs of the double-sided adhesive magnets for using on packaging boxes. For example, if one of the two small discs is an N-pole 3M adhesive, the other is a S-pole 3M adhesive. In this way, for two surfaces without double-sided adhesive can to opposites attract each other in the use process. In order to reduce costs, you can consider to use magnet + replace the magnet with iron + magnet.

They are still very new for the fallen ornaments from the hairpins, how do you reuse them? We can to attach a small magnet on the back, suddenly it has a new use, which can to stick on freezer, not only can do simple adornment but also can stick to leave a message.
3M adhesive magnets are also more commonly used in consumer electronics. For the automobile magnet bracket, it is very popular before two years , that is take this combination way for 3M adhesive + magnet or iron sheets. They are also use this 3M adhesive magnets for automobile atmosphere lamp and ceiling lamps products etc.
There are a lot more, which products do you know?
Our company accepts to custom all veriety of regular strong NdFeB magnets and irregular shaped strong NdFeB megnts. If you have any quotation requirments, welcome to contact us.

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