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Manufacturing method, classification and characteristics of ferrite magnets

Ferrite magnets as one of the most widely used magnetic materials, its manufacturing method is powder metallurgy method, metallurgical materials mainly material barium (Ba) and strontium (Sr) two kinds of material, chemical composition of Ba/Sr O6 FeO, with hard and brittle, not easy to demagnetization, good corrosion resistance, low price, rich source, temperature stability characteristics.
Special shape ferrite magnet

Ferrite type and shape;
There are mainly isotropic and anisotropic ferrite ordinary magnets, the shape of a circle, ring, cylindrical, square, tile (arc) type.

Isotropic permanent magnet ferrite magnetic steel: there is no process of magnetization and demagnetization in the process of pressing, that is, it can be magnetized in all directions, compared with the opposite sex magnet, its performance is low, suitable for teaching, toys and electric motors.
Anisotropic permanent magnet ferrite magnetic steel: characterized by high performance and strong magnetic force. Especially suitable for products with high magnetic requirements. Such as small switch, crane magnet, door magnet, concentrator magnet and so on!

The above is about the manufacturing method, classification and characteristics of ferritic magnetic steel. Please contact us if you have any customized requirements.

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