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Various shapes and types of magnets and their usus

We all know and have seen magnets in various shapes and sizes. Different magnets have different applications and uses. Today, courage magnet supplier  will tell you about the shapes and uses of magnets.
Various shapes of magnets
magnet shape

1. Bar magnet
The strength of magnets is concentrated in the two poles, but weaker on both sides. They are the most commonly used shapes in daily life, such as refrigerator magnets and compass. Bar magnets are also used in classroom demonstrations. For example, you can use a bar magnet to show the magnetic field by placing metal chips on paper that hides the magnet.

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2. Horseshoe magnet
A horseshoe magnet is a U-shaped bar magnet. The U-shape makes the poles point in the same direction, which makes the magnet stronger. Originally as a replacement for bar magnets, this shape has become a universal symbol for magnets. According to the strength of the horseshoe magnet, it can be used to pick up metal objects of any size. For example, small horseshoes can collect paper clips, while industrial sized horseshoe magnets are used in construction and engineering to collect large pieces of heavy metals, and horseshoe magnets are also used at the bottom of a pendulum.

3. Round magnet
The circular magnet can increase its attraction by increasing its thickness. Because the surface of the circular magnet is wide and flat, and the area of the magnetic pole is large, it becomes a strong and effective magnet. According to the size of the circle, this shape can be used for many purposes, such as packaging handbags, personal experiments, electronic products, smart home, etc.

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4. Spherical magnet
Ball magnets are often sold as toys and novelty items. Ball magnets make popular table toys, such as rattlesnake eggs.

5. Cylindrical magnet
The height is larger than the diameter of a magnet, usually radial magnetization, of course, can also be axial, mainly depending on the actual needs of customers, suitable for magnetic toys, hall induction, galvanometer, medical equipment.

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6. Ring magnet
Ring magnets are widely used, usually used in scientific experiments, such as the demonstration of magnetic repulsion, the magnetic ring through a wooden pole, when the same magnetic poles contact each other, they will not contact, as well as magnetic suspension, motor, electroacoustic, fishing, medical, and so on, many very.

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7. Tile/arc magnet
Tile magnets, also known as arc magnets, bending magnets, are used in various permanent magnet dc motors,

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8. Countersunk hole magnet
Make a countersunk hole in the base of the round, square, cylindrical, circular and tile magnet, and use it together with screws.

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9. Special-shaped magnet
The above magnets are more common magnets, and special-shaped magnets are mainly used in special occasions, such as magnetic connectors, some non-standard parts, common special-shaped magnets include size head magnets, t-shaped magnets, tangent Angle magnets, semicircle magnets, concave, convex magnets, slotted magnets and so on.

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Have you ever seen any of these magnets?

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