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Common applications of hard ferrite magnets, How many do you know?

Permanent ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are widely used in many applications that do not need such powerful rare earth magnets as neodymium magnets, or where anti demagnetization, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are needed, here are some application examples of ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets).
Safety system
magnetic suspension
Motor (such as the starting motor of motorcycles and automobiles, and the motor for opening the windows and skylights of automobiles). Curtain automatic device, toy motor)
Magnetic separator
ABS system
Eddy current device
Reed switch
Burglar alarm
Magnetic thrust bearing
Magnetic control of fitness car
Massage chair
Fire-proof door
magnetic hook
Instruments and Apparatuses
The above is about the ferrite permanent magnet some common applications,  Looking for ferrite magnet suppliers welcome to contact courage.

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