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Application scope and precautions of super strong magnetic rod

What is magnetic bar a lot of people may not understand, because this kind of magnet is not common in life, if not in the magnet factory work, xiaofu also do not know, today, to introduce the application of magnetic bar and some matters needing attention.

What is a magnet made of? What is the main function?
It is composed of stainless steel tube and permanent magnet. It is mostly used in industrial equipment, such as ceramic, mining, plastic, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, pigment, dye and other industries. It mainly removes ferromagnetic impurities in powder, particle, liquid or mud.

Precautions before using the magnetic rod
The working environment of the magnetic rod determines that it must have certain corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance characteristics, and some places need strong magnetic induction strength. Different magnetic induction intensity can be obtained by using different thickness of the magnetic guide. Choosing different magnets can determine the maximum magnetic induction strength and temperature resistance of the magnetic rod. Generally, to achieve the external magnetic induction strength above 12000 Gauss on the conventional 1-inch-diameter magnetic rod, neodymium iron boron magnetic steel of N40 grade or above is required. SmCo magnetic steel is generally selected for high temperature resistant magnetic rod above 150 ℃. However, SmCo is not selected for the large-diameter magnetic rod because the price is too expensive.

Relevant precautions:
When selecting the magnetic rod with more than 5000gs, it can't be directly placed on the steel plate. The magnetic force is large and it is difficult to dismantle the magnetic rod.
The size of each group of magnetic rod frame shall not exceed the inlet and outlet of the oil tank, and the weight shall not be too heavy.
During cleaning, the whole oil filter magnetic rod frame shall be removed from the oil tank to prevent dust falling and polluting the oil system.
Multiple magnetic rod racks can be installed in the oil tank. The number of rows installed depends on the size of the tank and the amount of impurities in the oil. This should be based on the fact that there are basically no impurities in a row of bars.
During installation, the influence of oil in and out of the oil tank on the magnetic rod frame shall be considered. Especially when the flow of oil system is large, the impact force is large. Some fixing measures shall be taken to prevent the magnetic rod frame from being damaged by impact.

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