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Understand electric guitar pickups magnet, ceramic vs magnetic steel

The guitarists must have heard a little about the materials of the electric guitar pickups magnets; ceramic & alnico, but most guitar lovers have a vague understanding of these two magnets. Today, we will bring you the most intuitive electric guitar pickups magnet ratio!
Guitar pickup magnet

Alnico II (No. 2 magnet) is a magnet with low magnetism and low frequency, which is common in jazz and blues direction pickups.

Alnico V (No. 5 magnet) No. 5 has stronger magnetism, larger output in timbre and wider frequency response, so it sounds more low frequency than No. 2 magnet. No. 4 and No. 5 are very common magnets for metal pickups.

Alnico VIII (No. 8 magnetic steel) No. 8 is more magnetic than No. 5, and has more punchy medium and high frequency.

Ceramic (ceramic) has a brighter voice, which is not as warm as magnetic steel, and its clarity is better than that of magnetic steel.

In the past, the reputation of ceramic pickups was not very good, but this should not blame ceramic magnets. Because manufacturers want to reduce the cost, ceramics are relatively easy to obtain, so some very low-end pickups are ceramic magnets, which makes it bad.
In fact, there are many great ceramic magnet pickups like DiMarzio Titan and Seymour Duncan Black Winter. The Fishman Fluence Modern pickup set is also a magnetic steel and bridge ceramic. It is so versatile, because the clarity of the ceramic is better, the fast Riff on the bridge will perform better.

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