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Difference between ndfeb magnet and smco magnet

Hello, friend, welcome to courage magnet website. This article introduces the difference between rare earth neodymium magnet (NdFeB) and samarium cobalt magnet. Let's learn about it with the editor.

The remanence of NdFeB is higher than that of SmCo. At present, it can reach about 55, and SmCo can only reach 32. Remanence, can be simply understood as the suction as the saying goes, NdFeB is much larger, but the coercive force of NdFeB is lower than SmCo. Coercive force is the ability to resist demagnetization.

Picture difference
Picture of NdFeB magnet
Picture of NdFeB magnet

Samarium Cobalt magnet 
Picture of Samarium Cobalt magnet
The high temperature resistance of NdFeB is not very good. At present, the maximum working temperature is about 200 ℃, Samarium cobalt,, can withstand 300 degrees. Some special products can achieve 450 degrees after reducing remanence. That is to say, remanence is related to coercive force (suction and anti demagnetization ability). 

The temperature factor
  Neodymium 38EH Magnets Samarium Cobalt R35E Magnets
Average torque at 
        2.3Nm           2.14Nm
Average torque at 180°C 1.86Nm 1.99Nm

The corrosion resistance of NdFeB is not good. Therefore, generally speaking, it is necessary to do electroplating and other protection, and even package anti-corrosion. Common zinc plating, nickel plating, epoxy, etc. Even so, it is not as good as SmCo.
Neodymium iron boron samarium cobalt both are brittle and hard materials and therefore cannot be used in normal machining. General processing methods are wire cutting and diamond blade cutting. So the shape of the product is limited, can not be very complex. Samarium cobalt is relatively brittle. Very easy edge breakage, not resistant to impact. So samarium cobalt has to be assembled with care.
In terms of price, Neodymium iron boron is cheaper than samarium cobalt. At present, most of the market uses more neodymium iron boron.

The above is about the difference between NdFeB and SmCo. I hope it can help you!

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