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How small is the smallest magnet you've ever seen?

Neodymium iron boron powerful magnet can not only be processed into various irregular and complex shapes, but also can be processed into high-precision and high-precision small magnets, which are used in precision optics, instruments and meters.

How small can the smallest specification be?
Generally, the diameter of the disk of NdFeB magnet can be as low as 1mm, and the thickness can be smaller.

The picture below shows a super small magnet with a diameter of more than 1mm, similar to a grain of rice.

In the world, the smallest magnet is only the size of an atom(not widely used at present). Think about the concept.

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Small magnet products;
1mm dia x 1mm tiny disc neodymium magnets             N40 Super small magnet 1mm x 0.5mm

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