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The reason why PMSM rarely uses two poles

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Today on the Internet to see such a question, PMSM rarely use 2 poles? Why is that? Professional questions to professional people answer, small make up the answer of a few electrical engineers, hope to help you.
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1, permanent magnet synchronous machine small pole number is not good to do.
The number of poles too low power factor, so the asynchronous machine generally to avoid the number of poles is too large. On the contrary, the permanent magnet machine is difficult to do small number of poles, such as 2 or 4 poles, so often do the number of multi-poles, such as 8 poles or more......
2. For permanent magnet synchronous motor, most of them are frequency conversion power supply. Except for high speed, the optional range of pole number is very large. The disadvantages of 2p lie in too long winding end, high yoke magnetic density, wasted yoke volume, small rotor outer diameter, small torque density, less free configuration of rotor magnetic steel, and difficult sinusoidal comparison of air gap magnetic density. In addition, the downward constant torque speed regulation, small copper consumption, iron consumption is more favorable, so it is beneficial to increase the number of poles.

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