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Why is a square countersunk neodymium magnet so popular?

Why is the square countersink hole so popular? What are the advantages of square hole sinking magnets? Today, China magnet manufacturer courage xiaofu will tell you.
What is the use of sinking hole introduced by square sinking magnet?
The self-heating of the sinking hole has the wonderful function of the sinking hole, because it is not used alone, but matched with other components. In order to assemble or fix all the sinking holes, it is necessary to use them.
What are the advantages of square hole sinking magnets?
Square countersink magnets are more upgraded and optimized on the basis of ordinary magnets. The unique features of his shape provide more help for people. These are more convenient experiences that people get through R&D.
square countersunk neodymium magnet
The advantage of square sinking magnet is that it has a small hole in the middle, which can provide a lot of help when people do fixed work. This is the unique charm of square sinking magnet. The reason why people use it so widely is that it has advantages in this kind of field. These are the advantages of square sinking magnets.
Square sinking magnets are relatively complex in processing and slightly higher in price.
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