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Sintered ndfeb performance table, let you choose a better strong magnet

In order to make customers more understanding and choose ndfeb powerful magnet, courage magnet supplier editorial department xiao fu share the following strong magnet performance brand parameters table and physical performance table, I hope to help you!
Below is the ndfeb strong magnet performance table
ndfeb strong magnet performance table

Guess you are also concerned about the physical properties of ndfeb
Physical properties of Nd-Fe-B

The physical properties of ndfeb are detailed in the table, which introduces the reversible temperature coefficient, Curie temperature, resistivity, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, stiffness, compressibility, relative permeability and other physical parameters of sintered ndfeb.

The above is about the performance parameters and physical properties of sintered NdFeB. Welcome to contact us if you need strong neodymium magnet.


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