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Effect of magnet performance on the quality of speaker sound output

Does the performance of permanent magnets affect the sound quality of loudspeakers? Today, the strong magnet manufacturer Courage Xiaofu shares with you.

In the case that the magnet volume is the same and the voice coil is the same, the performance of the magnet has a direct impact on the sound quality of the speaker:
The larger the magnetic flux density (magnetic induction intensity) B of the magnet is, the stronger the thrust on the sound film is.
The larger the magnetic flux density (magnetic induction intensity) B is, the larger the power is, and the higher the SPL sound pressure level (sensitivity) is.
The earphone sensitivity is the sound pressure level that the earphone can emit when the sinusoidal wave of 1mw and 1khz is input to the earphone. The unit of sound pressure is dB (decibel). The higher the sound pressure is, the higher the volume is, so the higher the sensitivity is, the lower the impedance is, and the easier it is for the earphone to make noise.
The larger the magnetic flux density (magnetic induction intensity) B, the lower the total quality factor Q of the horn.
Qualityfactor refers to a set of parameters of the horn damping coefficient, in which Qms is the damping of the mechanical system, reflecting the energy absorption and consumption in the motion of each part of the horn. Qes is the damping of power system, which is mainly reflected in the consumption of electrical energy by voice coil dc resistance. Qts is the total damping and is related to the above two as Qts=Qms*Qes/(Qms+Qes).
The larger the magnetic flux density (magnetic induction intensity) B is, the better the transient state is.
Transient can be understood as "fast response speed" to the signal, Qms is relatively high. The earphone with good transient response should respond immediately when the signal comes, and stop suddenly when the signal stops. For example, the transition from lead to ensemble in drum music and symphonies with larger scenes is the most obvious.

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