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Introduction to cylindrical grinding processing of the magnet production

After magnetic property testing of the magnet bank, it will can be into the warehouse if it is good qualified. According to the order requirements, it will can be out into the cylindrical grinder machine workshop. 
What is the cylindrical grinding of the magnet?
Cylindrical neodymium magnet
For example, when is relatively strict of the customer magnet’s the diameter, it needs to enter cylindrical grinding. And the cylindrical grinding will be use a cylindrical grinder. 
The cylindrical grinder mainly is work for rough grinding and fine grinding of cylindrical magnet bank’s external diameter size. The rough grinding grinds off the oxide black skin produced during sintering. According to the size of outer diameter tolerance requirements of finished magnets, the fine grinding will be within tolerance required by customers.
After the cylindrical grinding process, all the columns will enter the next process which is the viscose processing of the magnet optical column, in order to prepare for the batch slicing process. 
The common grinding methods of block NdFeB magnet blanks: there are flat grinding, two-end grinding, inner cylindrical grinding and outer cylindrical and etc. Coreless grinding and double-end flat grinding are often used for cylindrical NdFeB magnet blanks. The blanks of tile magnet, sector magnet and special-shaped NdFeB magnet are grinded by multi-station grinder. 

The above is an introduction to the cylindrical grinding of magnets, from courage strong neodymium magnet factory. This article is edited by Courage Xiaofu. Welcome to consult us when purchasing magnets.


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