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Neodymium magnet suction and surface magnetism reference of diameter 8mm10mm12mm15mm20mm

What’s the suction of the magnet of kinds of size? How much weight can the magnet absorb? How much to reach of the surface magnetic? We had received many those problems from our customers, but we will be not to tell the customers directly. As for the suction of the magnet is related to its performance, size, shape, adsorption material, adsorption method , etc,. The best way is to make a magnet sample to test.
Please kindly check the below picture shows, for the diameter of 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 20mm of the neodymium magnet suction and magnetic reference.
neodymium magnet suction and magnetic reference

These magnet specifications are some commonly used by customers. Of course, it may be have a little different of every the magnet manufacturer be used the different magnetic reference.
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