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Ndfeb strong magnet N42 and N45 specific differences are introduced

Hello, welcome to the courage magnet website, today xiaofu mainly to introduce the N42 ndfeb strong magnet and N45 specific differences, such as the magnetic force between 2, material price, Surface magnetic field intensity, etc.?
Maximum magnetic energy product difference between N42 and N45
The maximum magnetic energy product standard of N42 material is 40 ~ 43MGOe, and the maximum magnetic energy product standard of N45 material is 43 ~ 46MGOe
Difference between N42 and N45 remanence
N42 is 13000GS, N45 remanence 13300GS, this remanence can be measured by special instruments.
Is N42 4200gs? Is N45 4500gs?
It isn't. N42 and N45 are brands of magnet material. 4200gs and 4500GS are magnetic field sizes calculated according to your brand and magnet size. Usually the larger the magnet area, magnetic surface dispersion will be lower.
With the same shape and size, N45 is statistically about 2% higher than N42 (surface flux density).
Blank material price of N42 and N45
The price of N42 is 188.5 yuan/kg, and the price of N42 is 195.5 yuan/kg. (for reference only)
N42 table magnetic size reference
N42/NI/10*10*3MM about 2860 gauss.
N42/ZN/75x4x5.8mm about 4000 gauss.
N45 Surface Magnetic Field Intensity reference
N45/NI/D4xD1x1mm about 3000 gauss
N45/ni/D6*12MM about 4600 gauss
Above is the difference between Rare earth NdFeB strong magnet N42 and N45. If you need to buy magnets, you are welcome to consult.

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