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What magnetic material should be chosen for the magnetic ring of automobile sensor?

Dongguan Courage magnet supplier has long-term supply of Hall sensor magnetic ring, injection ferrite permanent magnet ring, bonded NdFeB multipole ring, etc. Today, we share with you what magnetic material should be selected for the car sensor magnetic ring. ?
The application of the magnetic ring is different, the material will be different, and the magnetic rings of different materials have different performance characteristics. What material of magnetic material should the sensor magnetic ring choose? Today we will mainly look at the characteristics of the following three common magnetic materials and the analysis of the application field!
Material characteristics and use of the sensor magnetic ring
Sensor magnetic ring
1. Ferrite magnetic material: generally refers to the oxide of oxide and other metal oxides. Most of them have ferrimagnetic properties. Features: The resistivity is much higher than that of metal, about 1-10 (12th power) ohms/cm, so the vortex loss and skin effect are small, suitable for high frequency use. The saturation magnetization is low and it is not suitable for high magnetic density applications. The Curie temperature is relatively low.
2. Ferromagnetic material: refers to a material with ferromagnetism. For example, iron-nickel-cobalt and its alloys, alloys of certain rare earth elements. Below the Curie temperature, the material has a large magnetization when external magnetic is applied.
3. Ferrous magnetic material: refers to a material with ferrimagnetic properties, such as various ferrites. Below the Neel temperature, the material has a large magnetization when external magnetic is applied.
The article mainly introduces the three magnetic materials of the sensor magnetic ring, which are mainly made of iron oxide. The magnetic materials made of different iron oxide contents have different performances. Thank you for reading.

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