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All you need to know about cutting ferrite magnets is here

About ferrite cutting magnet, there are many friends have a lot of problems, today collected in this article, hope to help you, like friends can collect our website.
How to cut ferrite magnets?
ferrite cutting magnet

Ferrite cutting magnet is made of block rough blank cutting, the main material is strontium (Sr) ferrite (Fe2O3) mainly, the forming time is long, but the density is high, theoretically, the block rough blank is the better, but due to the mechanical pressure limit and the consideration of yield improvement, the most bulk material specification is l220xw150x25.4mmt. Ferrite permanent magnet itself can only process its outer diameter and thickness, but it cannot be separated. If it is separated, its original performance will change and weak magnetic phenomenon will appear. Most of the processing of outer diameter and thickness is water grinding, and the appearance will change after processing, but the original shape will not change.
Ferrite cutting magnet minimum size can be processed into how much?
With the improvement of cutting ability, the minimum size of ferrite cutting magnet is l2xw2x0.8mmt, which can be cut according to the size specified by customers.
What shapes do ferrite cutting magnets have?
Ferrite cutting magnets are mainly square, round plate, cylindrical and electromagnetic coil used arch magnets, also accept sample procurement and special specifications.
What is the manufacturing process of cutting ferrite?
Coarse embryo material > Heating > Sticking > Cutting > Surface grinding > Washing > Magnetizing > Detection > Packaging > Delivery.
Cut ferrite magnet mainly used in what aspects?
Mainly used for door magnetic alarm, induction components, magnetic suction seat, door file, automatic components, DIY components, health magnetic therapy, magnetic tools, magnetic chip separator, etc.
How about the price of cutting ferrite?
The price of the magnet is related to the size, performance and quantity of the magnet you need.
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