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Do you know the naming rules of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnets have their own naming rules. Now they basically use Chinese naming rules. At first there were Fer 3 or Feroba 3, but now these hierarchical names are no longer used. Later, the initial letter "C" of the ferrite (Ceramics) is used to name the hierarchy, such as C5 and C 8. The United States and Britain still use this rule. Nowadays most ceramic hard ferrite magnets are made in China, so Chinese grade naming is widely used in Europe and widely accepted in the United States. Their rule begins with Y.
Fer 3 or Feroba 3 is now called Y30H-1. Ferrite C8 is also known as Y30H-1.
Fer 2 or Feroba 2 is now called Y30. Ferrite C5 is also known as Y30.

Below is an example BH curve for Ferrite C5 (Y30). Ferrite C5 and Ferrite C8 are the most popular grades of hard ferrite (ceramic) magnets.
Below is an example BH curve for Ferrite C5 (Y30).

Most ferrite magnet grades start with C or begin with the Chinese name Y. But sometimes you will also see levels like HF26 / 18 (this is the Y30 level), which is a European naming convention, but not all European continents are in use.

Chinese ferrite properties standard - Commonly used globally, especially in UK and EU
Chinese ferrite properties standard

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