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Introduction of advantages of injection multipole magnetic ring for ceiling fan

Why use injection moulded multipole magnetic rings on ceiling fans? What are its main uses above? Next, Xiaofu, a manufacturer of Courage magnets, will tell you about the advantages of injection moulded multipole magnetic rings for suspension fan brushless motor.
The effect of injection moulding multi-pole magnetic ring is energy saving, environmental protection, low noise, beautiful and so on. The permanent magnet material is used. By injection moulding, the multi-pole magnetic field is generated, and the magnetic ring can be directly loaded into the motor, which saves a lot of working procedures.
Dongguan Courage Magnetoelectrics Technology Co., Ltd. is a magnet manufacturer specializing in the production of ferrite multipole magnetic rings, injection-moulded magnetic rotors and bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets. If necessary, you can call for consultation and negotiation.

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