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China exported 4,352 tons of rare earths in August, down 17.0% month-on-month

According to the latest customs data, China's export volume of rare earth in August was about 4352 tons, down 891 tons from 5243 tons in July, down 17.0% annually and up 0.9% year on year.
From January to August, China's rare earth export volume was 32,827.5 tons, down 6.3% from the same period last year.
The figure below shows the quantity data of rare earth export in China from April to August 2019. The source is Jinshi data.
Rare earth export data

Quantity Data of Rare Earth Exports from April to August
In terms of export value, in August, China exported 240 million yuan of rare earth, a decrease of 100 million yuan, or 29.4%, compared with 340 million yuan in July.
From January to August, China's total export value of rare earth was 2.18 billion yuan, down by 0.3 billion yuan from 2.21 billion yuan last year, or nearly 1.4 percent.

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