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Introduction of Magnetic Ring (Function Specification Drawing) of Sweep the floor machine

Sweeping machine magnetic ring, a kind of multi-pole ring magnet applied to Sweep the floor machine (left and right wheel) motor, mainly plays an inductive role, escorts the sweeper robot safely. Today, Courage Magnets Xiaofu mainly introduces its role in Sweep the floor machine, the specifications and sizes commonly used in the market, magnetizing methods, and product drawings.
I. The Function of Hall Induction Magnetic Ring in Sweeping Robot
The main function of the magnetic ring (injection ferrite) on the walking wheel of the sweeping robot is to control the speed and steering of the motor.
2. What are the common specifications of the magnetic rings of the sweeper runner motor?
At present, the specifications of magnetic rings of sweepers produced in batches on the market are mainly D18*2.25*3.6, D18*1.96*3.6, D18*2.25*3, D18*2.25*3.2. The outer diameter is 18mm, and the inner diameter is slightly different from the height.
3. Magnetization Direction and Pole Number of Induction Magnetic Ring of Sweeping Robot
Sweep the floor machine Magnetization mode

There are mainly four kinds of poles: axial 8 poles, axial 16 poles, axial 24 poles and axial 32 poles.
4. 2D Drawing of Single-sided Multipolar Magnetic Ring for Sweeping Robot
Sweeper magnet drawings
Above is the introduction about the magnetic ring of intelligent sweeper. Welcome sweeper manufacturer to inquire about the sample of magnetic ring. Price. Multipolar magnets with other specifications can also contact us.
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