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The function and usage of magnetic viewing paper are introduced

How can we know the magnetization method and the number of poles of the magnet in our hands? Many people don't know. Today, Courage Magnets Xiaofu comes to share with you?

Magnetic viewing film (also called magnetic viewing paper) is made of millions of tiny magnetic flakes suspended in clear oil.  This oil is then sandwiched between two sheets of plastic.  The magnetic viewing film can then be used to "see" the pattern of magnetization. When a magnet is placed under the viewing film, the tiny metal flakes respond to the magnetic field, forming shapes similar to the pattern of magnetization.  The white line(s) show the separation between the north and south poles of the magnet.  

The following picture shows an old version of the Courage magnetic pole test film.
Magnetic pole test sheet
Magnetization method of magnet products can not be seen by naked eyes, we can only use the magnetic pole test piece to check, and then through the magnetic pole test piece to determine the magnetization method of magnet products.
Function of magnetic pole observation sheet: Using magnetic pole test sheet, magnetization series, magnetization mode, strong magnetic surface and weak magnetic surface of magnet can be tested.

Identification method of magnetic pole observation piece: Test the magnetization series of magnet: Place the magnet product in the developing area of the magnetization film, and you can clearly see the magnetization series of the magnet product. The magnetization series of the magnet product are even, because they are one-to-one.
Identify the magnetization mode of magnet: The magnetization mode of magnet products is usually axial and radial. On the height plane of magnet, the product of axial magnetization can be seen to divide the height (i.e. thickness) of magnet into two halves of the north and south polar boundary, while radial magnetization is not, and the product of radial magnetization is evenly divided into several parts.

Identify the strong magnetic surface and the weak magnetic surface: Multistage magnetizing products, the magnetic force of one magnetic surface is stronger or weaker than that of the other. In the developing area of the polar test sheet, it can be distinguished according to the clarity of the magnetic decomposition line. The clear side of the magnetic line is the strong magnetic surface, and the slightly blurred side is the weak magnetic surface.

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