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The picture and magnetism reference of the neodymium magnet with 0.5mm thickness

The Mini magnet is really small and small. It seems that the coin reference is slightly inadequate. It can't imagine how big it is. Today, Karich magnet manufacturer brings you a picture of Nd-Fe-B sheet magnet thickness of 0.5mm and a magnetic reference. I hope it will be helpful to your work.
Picture of ndfeb strong magnet with thickness of 0.5mm
0.5mm thick magnet
This magnet is mainly used for magnetotherapy and camera shockproof.

How much is the magnetism of such a thin magnet?
Gauss gauge has been used to measure several Nd-Fe-B magnets with thickness of 0.5mm. The surface magnetism is about 500gs.
How suction is the neodymium iron boron thin magnet 0.5 mm thick?
The vertical pulling force of the sheet magnet with diameter of 10 mm and thickness of 0.5 mm is about 0.05 kg.

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