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What is the function of injection-moulded ferrite magnetic ring on sweeper?

Hello, everybody. I'm a little Fu from courage Magnet Factory. Today I'm going to introduce to you the role of the magnet (Hall induction injection magnetic ring) on the sweeper.
The main magnets used in the sweeper are rubber magnetic strips and injection-moulded ferrite magnetic rings. The main function of magnetic strips is to effectively avoid sweeping robots entering specific areas, such as children's toy areas, pets, food areas and so on.
Sweeper magnetic ring

The virtual wall magnetic strip of the floor sweeping robot can be placed at any position in the home. The surface magnetic field intensity is high, and the static magnetic field distribution is stable, which provides guarantee for the operation of the robot.
Through the electronic compass sensor in the front of the fuselage, the sweeping robot can recognize the virtual wall and bypass it without attempting to cross it.
Injection-moulded ferrite magnetic ring is mainly used on the walking wheel of the sweeping robot. Its magnetization mode is usually 8 poles, 16 poles, 24 poles and 32 poles in the axial direction. Its function is to control the speed and steering of motor.
The above two kinds of magnets can be provided by our company. If you need, you can contact the website for online customer service.

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