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Why can't a powerful magnet make be too thin?

Powerful magnet, which we all know is a solid sintered from rare earth ndfeb. It is very magnetic and is used in many fields. It is also a common magnet with great demand on the market. It comes in all shapes and sizes, thick and thin, long and short. There are simple and complex, in our magnet manufacturers for many years of production experience, the thickness and length of the magnet is a certain range, not how much on how much, it must conform to the law of the product characteristics of the magnet itself.
Our customer service staff often encounter customers asking whether strong magnets can be made as large as, or as thin as, these are all possible. But do too big, its magnetic force is very strong, very inconvenient in the use of the time, a strong magnet will be strong absorption of iron products, it is easy to smash the magnet, serious will hurt people, so we will not recommend customers to use too big; Second, when the magnet is too thin, it is not convenient to use, because it is rare earth, very easy to disconnect, coupled with strong magnetic force, it is easy to cause product cost waste.
For the product design of some customers, the thickness of magnet should be 0.2mm and 0.3mm. What should I do?
Thin magnet
For such a thin thickness, small make up can do nothing, because the magnet processing machine blades have a certain thickness, too thin we can not produce, 0.5mm or so relatively good production.
So now you know why magnets can't be too thin.

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