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Ndfeb strong magnet production of the first process - melting

The smelting section is carried out after batching. This step is mainly responsible for making the prepared materials into ingots or ingots, which are completed by the large furnace and the small furnace respectively.

Melting is the first process to produce sintered ndfeb strong magnet, melting furnace to produce alloy cast strip, the process needs furnace temperature to reach about 1300 degrees, lasted four hours to complete. Through this process, the magnet's raw materials are melted and cooled into alloy sheets, which are then processed into the next process, hydrogen crushing.
Here is an explanation of casting melting:
The instruments and auxiliary materials needed in smelting are basically the same, such as gloves, masks, lighting tools, etc. Comparatively speaking, the process of ingot casting is complicated, so we should pay attention to wearing them when casting pieces to avoid burns.
Second, when lifting to carefully check the wire rope and other equipment, and is needed in no man's land;
Third, the casting needs to pay attention to abnormal phenomenon, only when there is no abnormal can continue;
Fourth, wear a mask to reduce the harm of dust to human body, prevent human body from polluting the casting piece, and prevent the casting piece from scratching human body.
Magnet (ndfeb strong magnet) melting section for the subsequent powder, magnetic field orientation and sintering are of vital importance, so improper treatment of the link, will bring irreversible impact on the overall performance of the magnetic material.
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