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Tile shaped magnet(function Magnetic field distribution)introduce

Tile magnet, a kind of magnet mainly used in electrical machinery, the general people do not know much about it, so today, small fu to introduce you to tile magnet, and its role, the distribution of magnetic field and so on.
What is a tile magnet?
Tile magnet, also known as tile magnet, tile and other names, the shape is the same as the kind of brick used to build houses, as shown below.
What are the main USES of tile magnets?
Magnetic tiles are mainly used in permanent magnet dc motors. Unlike electromagnetic motors, which generate a magnetic potential source through the excitation coil, permanent magnet motors generate a constant magnetic potential source from permanent magnet materials. Permanent magnet tile instead of electric excitation has many advantages, which can make the motor simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, light in weight, small in size, reliable in use, less copper, low consumption of copper, low energy consumption and so on.
The "exchange coupling" of the magnetic tile of the motor
There is a strong "exchange coupling" effect between adjacent electrons in ferromagnetism. In the absence of external magnetic field, their spin magnetic moment can be neatly arranged in a tiny region "spontaneously" and form a small region of spontaneous magnetization, called magnetic tile. In the unmagnetized ferromagnetic material, although each magnetic tile internal has a certain direction of spontaneous magnetization, there is a lot of magnetism, but a large number of magnetic tile magnetization direction is not the same so the whole ferromagnetic material does not show magnetism. When ferromagnetic material in the external magnetic field, the spontaneous magnetization direction and the direction of the external magnetic field into a small Angle of the volume of the magnetic tile with the increase of the external magnetic field and expand and make the magnetization direction of the magnetic tile further to the direction of the external magnetic field.
Magnetic tile classification
Ferrite magnetic tile mainly sintered ferrite, ndfeb strong magnetic tile divided into sintering and bonding two categories, in addition to samarium cobalt magnetic tile.
1, sintering ferrite magnetic tile production process is mainly divided into wet pressure of the opposite sex, dry pressure of the same sex, dry pressure of the opposite sex, the difference between the opposite sex and the same sex is whether there is oriented magnetic field when the press molding. Here is the main introduction of wet pressure heterosexual process wet pressure process flow: raw materials -- pre-firing -- coarse grinding (primary ball mill) -- ingredients -- secondary ball mill (wet mill) -- magnetic field shaping -- sintering -- grinding -- cleaning -- magnetization. Because the molding slurry contains moisture, forming particles in the magnetic field is easy to turn, so it can get a higher orientation than the dry pressure, its performance is higher.
2, sintered ndfeb magnetic tile, ingredients, melting, crushing, milling, magnetic molding, isostatic pressing, vacuum sintering and tempering line cutting processing, electroplating, such as the magnetization
Guess you care: tile ndfeb magnet magnetic field will not be uniform
It is understood that tile magnet axial magnetic field is partially uniform, radial arc top value is high, for reference only.
This company is the entity magnet factory, the magnetic tile specification, the performance and so on May process custom, welcome to the drawing quotation.

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