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The main reason for the aging of NdFeB magnets

Aging, I believe that everyone is no stranger, mechanical equipment parts will have aging, as for the speed, look at the protection, NdFeB permanent magnets will also aging, then what are the reasons for the aging of NdFeB magnets?
There are two main reasons for the ageing of NdFeB:
Nd-Fe-B Block drilling
1, wet
A humid or salty environment is not conducive to the preservation of NdFeB. In this environment long time will cause the surface of NdFeB to corrode, which will lead to the appearance of NdFeB aging.
The solution is to choose a coating for a 24-hour salt spray test or a 48-72 hour salt spray test for a longer period of time. If you don’t know the magnet plating, recommend you to read “ What are the strong magnet surface treatment methods for NdFeB? ”
2, high temperature
NdFeB has N grades and M grades and other grades.
Different grades have different maximum working temperatures and Curie temperatures. For example, the N grades NdFeB has a maximum operating temperature of 80 °C. Above this temperature, there is a loss of magnetism of NdFeB. At Curie temperature, it completely loses its magnetism. Generally, when the highest temperature is reached, the magnet is damaged, resulting in aging damage of the NdFeB.
The above are the two main reasons that affect the aging of NdFeB. They are edited by Dongguan Strong Magnet Manufacturer Courage Xiaofu.

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