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Introduction to a brushless motor's request for the performance, shape and number of poles of magnet

The magnet in the brushless motor is mounted on the rotor and is one of the important parts of the brushless motor. The figure below shows the structure of the brushless motor. We can see where the magnet is located.
Magnet performance requirements for brushless motors:
The brushless motor mainly uses high performance NdFeB. Because the power of the motor is closely related to the performance of the magnet, it can be basically understood that the volume and grade of the neodymium magnet determine the maximum power of the motor.
Magnet shape requirements for brushless motors:
The shape of the brushless motor magnet mainly includes a square magnet, a tile-shaped (arc) magnet, a ring magnet, and a bread shaped magnet.

Advantages of Square-shaped magnet: simple processing, relatively cheap price, a good choice for the pursuit of cost motor.
Advantages of curved magnets: The arc shape ensures that the air gap between the magnet and the silicon steel sheet is always the same, and it seems that the power and efficiency are better than the square magnet.

Advantages of bread-shaped magnets: There are professionals who think that this magnet is better than a curved magnet.
Advantages of the ring magnet: Easy to install, superior performance, High-end generals use rings.
The number of poles of the brushless motor requires: the fewer the pole pairs, the higher the speed.

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