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What are the advantages of strong magnets over ordinary magnets?

Many customers have such a doubt about the choice of magnets, that is, what kind of magnet should I choose, Nd-Fe-B strong magnet or ferrite magnet? What is the difference between a strong magnet and an ordinary magnet? Below Dongguan Courage Magnet Factory for you to tell!
What are the advantages of Nd-Fe-B Strong magnets?

Strong magnet: Nd-Fe-B strong magnet is the strongest magnet material at present. It is many times stronger than ordinary magnet. Generally, the workers who install these strong magnets must be careful to avoid causing injuries, which shows how strong their magnetism is.
The strong magnet is easy to machine special shape: it can punch, slot and cut the magnet without opening the mould.
Hardness of strong magnet: The density of rare elements added to the strong magnet is much harder than that of ordinary absorbent.
High precision of high-strength magnet: the tolerance of high-strength magnet can be made to (+0.05), or even lower, while ferrite is generally difficult to achieve.
High performance-price ratio of strong magnet: In all aspects, the value of strong magnet is higher than that of ordinary magnet. Its strong magnetism, stable resistance, suitable temperature resistance and tolerance accuracy are all the advantages of strong magnet, so it is reasonable that the price is slightly higher than that of ordinary magnet. Whether low, medium or high-end, this kind of strong magnet is the main type.
How to choose between ordinary magnet and strong magnet?
If the customer's magnetism requirement for magnets is not so strong, ferrite can be chosen if the price requirement is low. Conversely, if the magnet magnetism is required to be high, the required shape of the magnet is more complex, and so on, the choice of Nd-Fe-B is OK.
PS: The most obvious difference between ordinary magnet and strong magnet is that ordinary magnet is black magnet (without electroplating), which has weak magnetism, and strong magnet is white magnet, which has strong magnetism. You can use this technique when you don't know what magnet you have on your hand.

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