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What is bovine stomach magnet? Bovine Stomach Magnet (Image Material Function)

What is a bovine stomach magnet? A lot of little buddies probably haven't heard of it? Do you mean to put the magnet in the stomach of a cow? If so, what is its purpose? With these questions, Xiaobian will share with you today.
What is bovine stomach magnet?
Bovine stomach magnet is a kind of magnet placed in the stomach of cattle (dairy cow). When cattle feed is effectively adsorbed on the magnet rod, the foreign body can not move in the net stomach. It mainly prevents traumatic reticulitis. The magnet is placed in the rumen or reticulum and remains there throughout the animal's life. Li.
What does a cow's stomach magnet look like?
Below is a picture of a cow's stomach magnet.
Bovine stomach magnet
What is the main material of cow stomach magnet?
Bovine stomach magnets can be made from Al-Ni-Co magnets and ferrite (ceramic) magnets.
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