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Effective Solution to Rust Spot on Nd-Fe-B Surface

Rust stains on magnets?? Are the magnets rusty? Most of these cases are Nd-Fe-B magnets, also known as strong magnets (NDFEB). Why do Nd-Fe-B magnets rust and produce a lot of rust spots?
Analysis of Rust Spots on Nd-Fe-B Magnets
Normally, the surface of magnet has a layer of electroplating (of course, there are also requirements for Nd-Fe-B non-electroplating, some concentrator magnets do not need electroplating, the appearance is similar to that of ferrite), at this time there is no rust spot, generally there is rust spot because it has always been in a high humidity ring. In the environment, and the air circulation in the working environment is very poor, we need to remind our friends that magnets should be placed in places where the ventilation effect is good and there is a certain temperature difference.
Moreover, the time of electroplating is not enough, and the poor electroplating of magnet manufacturers is also one of the reasons, which belongs to the problem of process flow.
There is also the strong magnet packaging seal if damaged, will also make the strong magnet oxidation, resulting in rust spots.
Anything else? Of course. Another important point is that the dirt on the surface of the magnet is not cleaned well before electroplating, which is also one of the reasons for the occurrence of rust spots.
Keeping magnets is the same as keeping fruits. People who can keep magnets can keep them for a long time. People who can't keep magnets will soon be damaged and rotten. It's the same reason.
Grinded Nd-Fe-B magnets are rusty. The way to prevent rust is to avoid surface exposure to water and air. Either put it in water (with better alkalinity, carbon dioxide is suppressed) or dry it immediately after grinding (with better oil preservation), it is recommended that the ultrasonic dryer be dried immediately to reduce rust.
Neodymium-iron-boron magnets should avoid the following storage methods.
In excessive humidity, poor air circulation.
When the temperature difference varies greatly, rust spots may occur even if the products qualified for salt spray test are stored in harsh environment for a long time.
If there is no coating on the surface, desiccant or vapor phase rust inhibitor can be selected and stored in sealed packaging.
Electroplated magnet products should not be placed in high humidity places for a long time, but in cool and dry places.

Above are some solutions for Nd-Fe-B rusting, edited by the Network Department of Courage Magnet Manufacturer.


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