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The Impact of Trade War on Waste strong magnetic Market

Recently, the market of waste magnetism is a roller coaster change. The calmness of a week has reached a climax on the last day.
It is understood that the price quoted by the scrap high-intensity magnetic market at the beginning of last week was 82 yuan/kg, which was equal to 81 yuan/kg on the last day of last weekend and before May Day. This week, the price quoted by the scrap motor dismantlers has been flat, but today, the price of the scrap high-intensity magnetic market returns to 82 yuan/kg again, but it is formed in the overall market. In a light atmosphere, price increases may not necessarily be a good thing. According to the waste magnet recyclers, the recent transaction in the waste magnet market has been relatively light. The reason for the light transaction in the waste magnet market is that there are too few circulating goods in the market, that there are not many goods in the hands of the merchants, and that the prices are too low, and that the merchants with goods do not want to sell. This morning, Shandong waste magnet recyclers said that although the price of the short strip was raised by 1 yuan/kg today, the delivery situation is still not optimistic, and the market for raw materials is not clear, some businessmen have a more pessimistic attitude and are not optimistic about the future market of waste magnet.
The hot topic this week should be the trade war between China and the United States. The United States announced that the tariff on $200 billion of Chinese imports to the United States increased from 10% to 25%, and China also introduced corresponding counter-measures. The impact of the trade war on the waste magnetism market can be traced back to the raw material market. Rare earth is the largest supplier of rare earth in the world. China's rare earth is mainly exported. Although some of the end products of rare earth are included in the tax increase list, the impact is not significant.
There is no law in the market, fluctuations are normal. As the saying goes, the last straw may crush the camel. When the overall market is not optimistic, what we can do is to operate cautiously, watch more and wait calmly for the market.
The material of this article comes from the observation group of ferroalloy small metal rare earth, edited by Courage Magnets Xiaofu.

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