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Introduction to the properties and functions of ferrite magnets

The magnets used in most of the factories are mostly NdFeB, and the ferrite is used less, but it cannot be generalized. Considering the application of the product, today, the Courage Magnet manufacturer Xiaofu will talk about the ferrite magnet.
Ferrite magnet:  Its main raw materials include BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. It is made of ceramic technology and has a relatively hard texture. It is a brittle material. Because ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low price and moderate performance, they have become the most widely used permanent magnets.
The ferrite magnet is a sintered permanent magnet material composed of tantalum and niobium iron. In addition to strong anti-demagnetization properties, this magnetic material has the advantage of low cost. Ferrite magnets are rigid and fragile and require special machining processes. The anisotropy magnets are oriented in the manufacturing direction and must be magnetized in the direction in which they are taken, while their isotropic magnets can be magnetized in any direction because they are not oriented, although a slightly stronger magnetic induction is found on the smallest side of the pressure-receiving surface. The magnetic energy product ranges from 1.1 MGOe to 4.0 MGOe. Due to its low cost, ferrite magnets have a wide range of applications, from motors and speakers to toys and crafts, therefore, it is the most widely used permanent magnet material at present.
The ferrite is divided into a permanent ferrite, a soft ferrite, and a microwave ferrite. The ferrite magnets have barium ferrite and Strontium ferrite. The soft ferrite is divided into manganese zinc ferrite, nickel zinc ferrite, magnesium zinc ferrite, microwave ferrite has Yttrium ferrite. There are also the hexagonal crystal system ferrite and so on .
What is the role of ferrite magnet?
1. Magnetic shielding or absorbing electromagnetic waves.
2. Is ferrite able to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees? The average ferrite can only reach 200 degrees.
3. There is adsorption, but the adsorption is very small, They are generally conductive, more in the use of motors.
What is the density of ferrite magnet?
Sintered ferrite magnet: The density is about 4.9 g / cm3.
Injection molded ferrite magnet: The density is about 3.8 g/ cm3.
Where are ferrite magnets used most?
The most used of ferrite magnets are various motors undoubtedly. Starter motor for motorcycles and cars, motors for car Windows and sunroofs, Curtain automatic device, toy motor, etc.
How much does it cost for ferrite to open a new mould?
Our company has thousands of round, square and tile-shaped molds currently. It can help customers save a lot of mold opening costs, usually about 1-3 ten thousand mold opening costs.

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