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How to take the magnet on board and meet the air transport standards?

Often see netizens in various forums posted bar asked how strong magnets can take on the plane, what measures need to be taken? What are the requirements for packing? Today, the strong magnet manufacturer courage xiaofu will tell you in detail.
Because the weak stray magnetic field interferes with the navigation system and control signals of the aircraft, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) classifies magnetic cargo as the ninth dangerous cargo, which must be restricted when it is received and transported. So now, magnetic testing is needed for some airborne cargo with magnetic materials in order to ensure the normal flight of the aircraft. Magnetic materials, audio materials and other instruments containing magnetic accessories should be tested for their magnetic properties.
Standard for Air Transport of Magnets
According to the relevant provisions of IATA902, if the maximum magnetic field intensity measured at 2.1m away from the measured object does not exceed 0.159A/m (200nT, equal to 2mGs = 0.002Gs), the item is not restricted as a magnetic material and can be treated as a general merchandise.
If the maximum magnetic field intensity measured at 2.1m is more than 0.159A/m, but the arbitrary magnetic field intensity at 4.6m is less than 0.418A/m, the goods can be transported as dangerous goods.
If the arbitrary magnetic field intensity at 4.6m from the surface of the object under test is greater than 0.418A/m, then the air transportation of the object is strictly prohibited.
How can we meet the air transport standards?
Air Packaging of Magnets
In order to meet the above requirements of air transport, it is necessary to degaussing the magnets transported by air. Although it is called degaussing, it is not degaussing the magnets, but through special shielding packaging, the magnetic properties of the package can meet the requirements of air transport safety. Shielding packaging will generally use high permeability magnetic materials, such as cold rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, etc., if the amount of magnetic materials is large, several layers should be packed. The permeability of high permeability magnetic material is very high. According to the principle of Faraday cage, the magnetic field after packaging mainly circulates in the box, which leaks very little. The shielded packaging is packed in cartons or wooden boxes.
Packing Matters Should Be Noticed in Air Transportation of Magnets
1. The opposite poles of instruments and devices such as magnetrons and illuminators must be placed relatively.
2. Permanent magnet materials must be equipped with magnetic armature or shield to prevent magnetic field from causing deviation of compass instruments.
3. Each package of magnetic materials must be properly labeled and labeled in accordance with Chapter 7 of the IATA Dangerous Goods Rules.
4. Ensure that the magnetic field intensity measured at 4.6 meters (15 feet) from the surface of the package does not exceed 0.418 A/m (0.00525 Gauss) before shipment.
5. It is suggested to pack large pieces in wooden cases.

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