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Introduction of main components and proportion of permanent ferrite magnets

What are the main components of sintered permanent ferrite magnetic materials? Which component has the largest proportion? This is the theme that Xiao Fu who comes from courage magnet manufacturer will tell you today.
The most ferrite component is Fe2O3. The chart below shows the details of the ferrite material composition and the proportion.
Ferrite Composition Table
Because ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low price and moderate performance, at present, they have become the most widely used permanent magnets.
Guess you still want to know What are the main components of NdFeB permanent magnet materials?
NdFeB permanent magnet material is based on Nd 32%, iron (Fe) 64%, boron (B) 1%, etc., and add a small amount of rare earth element such as Dy, Tb, Co (Co), niobium (Nb), gallium (Ga), aluminum (Al) or copper (Cu), an iron-based permanent magnet material manufactured by a powder metallurgy process.
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