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Introduction Of Several Advantages For Ferrite Permanent Magnets

Welcome to the courage magnet network. Some netizens asked what are the advantages of ferrite magnets? Today, let's talk to you about several advantages of ferrite magnets.
Ferrite is one of the most common magnetic materials in our daily life. I think many of people should be like me, The initial understanding of magnets is start from the black magnets commonly used on such speakers.
Ferrite applications are quite extensive and the amount is very large. Why do people like ferrite magnets? Because it does not rust, does not oxidize, does not corrode and is absolutely environmentally friendly.
Why doesn't the ferrite magnet rust?
The main component of the ferrite magnet chemical name is Fe3O4. It is already an iron oxide, so it is very difficult to be oxidized again. The main component of other magnets is iron, are made of magnetized metal iron or other elements. Like other irons and steels, they can be oxidized and rusted, and the magnetism of the oxidized part will disappear. 
So what are the advantages of ferrite magnets ?
1. Low cost, low price. Raw material costs are very cheap.
2. Temperature stability is good, it can be used at -40 degrees Celsius and +350 degrees Celsius.
3. Just mentioned that it does not rust.
4. The demagnetization curve is approximately a straight line.
5. Light weight, density (4.6-5.1) X103kg / M3
6. The anisotropy constant of the magnetic crystal is large.
7. Coercive force Hc is large (between AlNiCo material and rare earth cobalt permanent magnet material)
What are the advantages of ferrite magnets? Does it make sense?  If you need process or customize ferrite magnet, please contact courage magnet factory.  


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