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Have you ever seen a powerful magnet plated with colored zinc?

Coloured zinc magnet, i.e. coloured zinc-coated Nd-Fe-B strong magnet, has five colours on its surface. Perhaps because of the price or the relatively small number of plating manufacturers, trouble, so we generally see Nd-Fe-B magnets rarely do this kind of coating, small-knitted contact magnet industry also has a period of time, generally no customers require the surface to do this kind of coating, mostly using galvanized nickel plating.
Today, Little Fu came up with two pictures of Nd-Fe-B magnets coated with coloured zinc for you to see. How about that? Have you seen such a beautiful magnet?
Coloured zinc magnet
Well, long experience, when using this kind of strong magnet, we must be very careful. It's still painful to be caught in the meat. Xiaofu has personal experience.
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