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Isotropic ferrite and anisotropic ferrites difference introduce

What is Isotropic ferrite? What is anisotropic ferrites? I think many friends are not very clear, today Xiaobian and everyone together to explore the difference between homosexual ferrite and heterosexual ferrite.
What is the difference between isotropic and anisotropic ferrite?
Isotropic ferrite ring magnet
The product of magnetic energy is about three times more anisotropic than isotropic, and the isotropic anisotropy is simpler when fabricated.
How can we tell from the appearance whether it is homogeneous ferrite or heterosexual ferrite?
Appearance does not show. An isotropic magnetic field is applied to the compaction (dry or wet) to align the easy-to-magnetize axes of the magnetic particles.
How much is Gauss on the surface of isotropic ferrite? How much Gauss can heterosexual ferrite achieve?
The anisotropic ferrite magnets is less than 800 Gauss and the anisotropic ferrite magnets is more than 800 Gauss.
What are the properties and grades for isotropy ferrite magnet?What are the properties and grades for anisotropy ferrite magnet?
Y8T, Y10T are isotropic, Y25, Y30, Y30BH are anisotropic.
Usually, the same sex is mostly moulded, that is, the wafer, the most obvious place is around the wafer is R angle, more smooth.
Heterotropic ferrites are usually cut, referring to the square type.
What are the tolerances of homoferrite and heterosexual ferrite?
Molding: Tolerance of length and width is (+0.02) thickness (+0.1) (unit mm)
Cutting: Tolerance of length and width is (+0.15) thickness (+0.1) per mm.

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