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Briefly introduce two processing methods of neodymium strong magnets

How did Nd-Fe-B magnet come into being? Need die production? Xiaobian has met many customers who ask this question. Today, Courage Xiaobian briefly introduces two processing methods of Nd-Fe-B strong magnet.
There are basically two kinds of NdFeB processing: one is slicing machine cutting, and the other is cutting through wire cutting.
Let's talk about magnet slicing first.
The slicer is a diamond inner hole cutting blade with thickness of about 0.3 mm. The magnet is cut into the required size according to the requirements. But this method is only suitable for simple square magnet shape, circular magnet shape and cylindrical shape.
Another method is wire cutting. Generally used for cutting Nd-Fe-B arc magnet, special-shaped neodymium magnet, and large-size magnet products.
The dimensional accuracy of Nd-Fe-B products is generally about (+/-) 0.05 mm. In fact, the existing processing methods can completely achieve (+/-) 0.01 accuracy, need finishing, the cost will also increase a lot, need strict tolerance size relatives should consider whether such strict tolerance?

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