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How do magnets slice? Detailed Explanation of Slicing Processing of Magnets

How do magnets slice? What does a magnet slice mean? Today, Dongguan Courage Magnet Manufacturer will come and introduce to you separately, including a specific process of slicing.
What does a magnet slice mean?
[The following picture shows the magnet slicer of Courage Magnet Factory]
magnet slices
Most of the magnet manufacturers buy the magnet blank back and process it according to the size of customers. The magnet slice is to use the inner circle slicer or multi-wire slicer to slice the large magnet (Nd-Fe-B) blank into small pieces. The multi-wire slicer has more powerful functions and higher efficiency.
Alloy permanent magnets can be cut by wire, generally used to cut tiles, and large-scale products. Ferrite can be grinded or sliced.
What's the slicing process of the strong magnet?
The blank material processed by drilling and other methods should be bonded together with 502 special glue before slicing, so as to facilitate batch processing. After that, it enters the WEDM workshop and is machined and sliced by the inner circle slicer.
This process cuts the pillars with outer diameter required by customers into the thickness required by orders, or cuts the square magnets required by customers to process vector data in three directions: length, width and height, and finally cuts out the size of finished products required by customers.
The above is about the introduction of magnet slices. Thank you for reading!

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