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Introduction to the three major factors affecting the magnetism of magnets

In the recent work, many customers asked  if the magnet will demagnetize? What is the longest life of a magnet? When will the magnet demagnetize?  And so on. A series of such questions. Below , I will probably share with you the information I have learned in the magnet industry.
First, We should know the type of the magnets, the lifetime of permanent magnets is endless, and the lifetime of coil magnets is only available when energized.
Three factors affecting the magnetism of a magnet as below:
The first factor : Temperature.
Due to there are dozens of type and material for magnets (for example: ferrite magnet, neodymium magnet, bonded neodymium magnet, aluminum nickel cobalt, cobalt, iron chromium cobalt, injection ferrite, etc.) , and all of them have corresponding temperature limit. Generally speaking, during the use of the product, there is no demagnetization below the temperature limit of the magnet. (For example: the maximum temperature of the brushless external motor is 80-100 degrees. When the demagnetization is not more than 5%, the material of the magnet is generally 120 degrees. Of course, this is the material for the NdFeB magnet.)Therefore, the magnet demagnetizes or not and the lifetime of the magnet are completely dependent on the choose for operating temperature and the material of temperature resistance.
The second factor: The existence of an alternating magnetic field.
Anyone who knows about the magnet knows that the magnet is divided into N, S or multipole. If there is another magnetic field effect around the magnet, it will offset some of the magnetic force. This is also what people call demagnetization within the range of operating temperatures.
The third factor: Mechanical vibration.
There is a certain relationship with the assembly. The magnet rubs against the product during assembly. Because the material properties of the magnet are fragile, the friction causes the magnet to wear and the size becomes smaller, as a result, the magnetism will slowly weaken.
So when choosing magnets and product design, please consider the above three points. In addition, Dongguan Courage powerful magnet manufacturers are willing to cooperate with customers to develop new magnet products and new processes.
In this article, the three factors that affect the magnetism are introduced by Xiaofu who comes from Courage magnet manufacturer.The magnet question welcome to consult.

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