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Introduction of production process of sink hole neodymium magnets

With the continuous advancement of industrial civilization, Strong Nd-Fe-B magnets are no longer as regular as before, and the proportion of magnetic rings and sunk head types is also increasing. In other words, this manufacturing process is becoming more and more common. But there are many customers who come to our Carragher magnet manufacturer and say they want to be in stock as soon as they come in. As a small editor of a magnet manufacturer, I can be responsible for telling you that this is unrealistic. Because magnets, as spare parts of all kinds of products on the market, have the same size, but the difference is millions of miles. That concave and convex, big and small head, fan-shaped, let alone.
The following picture shows the countersunk hole magnet D50X5 hole 6mm.
Ndfeb perforating magnet
In fact, the manufacturing process of Nd-Fe-B magnetic rings and Nd-Fe-B countersunk hole magnets is basically the same. For example, the raw material (millimeter mm is the default unit) is a specification with a diameter of 12 and a thickness of 2. Now it is necessary to make a Nd-Fe-B magnetic ring with a diameter of 12 and a thickness of 3.5 in the middle straight hole, or a countersunk hole magnet with a diameter of 12 and a thickness of 3.5 in the middle straight hole and a thickness of 6.5 in the middle hole. The first step is to drill the raw material of D12*2mm into a semi-finished product with a diameter of 12 and a thickness of 3.5 in the middle straight hole, and then cut it into a semi-finished product of D12*d3.5*2mm (thickness) with a professional magnetic material cutting machine. Now if the magnetic ring has been completed, the shape of the NdFeB sink hole magnet needs to punch the sink hole one by one with a semi-finished product of D12*d3.5*2mm. Work speed is slower accordingly. Then after electroplating and magnetizing, we can see a finished product of Nd-Fe-B magnetic ring and Nd-Fe-B countersunk hole magnet.

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