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Introduction to the advantages of magnet multi-wire cutting slicer

Multi-wire cutting slicer, may not have been heard of, but in fact, this magnet production equipment has been out for a long time, today I will tell you about the advantages of magnet multi-wire cutting machine.
Multi-line, from the literal understanding can be seen that it is extraordinary. So how extraordinary is it? We can see from a simple literal understanding that they will have a certain difference in the production of magnets, but what else? Is there anything more unique?
In terms of surface wording, it is difficult for us to understand other differences besides productivity improvement. But in our magnet manufacturer's eyes, it is not only the increase of output, but also a key factor in it, that is, tolerance range. The tolerance range of the magnet produced by this multi-wire cutting machine can be smaller than that of the single-wire cutting machine, and the precision of the magnet produced by this multi-wire cutting machine is higher than that of the original one. For some high-precision and high-quality magnet products, the general single-wire cutting machine can not be completed, it must rely on multi-wire high-performance cutting machine to complete, so as to ensure the quality of magnet products.
What's the advantage of multi-wire microtome over ordinary microtome?
1. Vertical stop position of two samples (upper and lower)
2. Five slicing modes: single, continuous, step-by-step, half-knife, programming
3. The slicing speed is automatically adjusted according to the slicing thickness.
4. The repairing function can be turned off. In the automatic state, the parameters of the repair block can be adjusted automatically, and in the manual state, the parameters of the repair block can be determined by programming.
5. Slice thickness and repair thickness can be independently selected and stored.
6. Visual and acoustic signals indicate the limit of forward and backward and the remaining injection distance.
In summary, you now know the advantages of multi-wire cutting machine.
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