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What does the magnet N35 mean? How many Gauss?

What does the magnet N35 mean? How many Gausses does the magnet N35 generally have? Let's talk about this today.
N35 magnet
What does magnet N35 mean?
N35 is a brand of NdFeB magnet. N refers to NdFeB; N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48, etc. It is arranged in this way. The higher the brand, the stronger the magnetism, the more expensive the price is.
At present, the most commonly used model is N35, which represents the maximum magnetic energy product. The maximum magnetic energy product of N35 NdFeB material is about 35 MGOe, the conversion of MGOe to kA/m3 is 1 MGOe=8 kA/m3, and the maximum magnetic energy product of N35 NdFeB material is 270 kA/m3.
How strong is the magnet n35?
As for this question, it's really hard to answer, because how strong the magnetism is depends on the size of the magnet itself. The bigger the size, the stronger the magnetism.
How many Gaussians does N35 magnet have?
The following small series provides some of the magnetics of the N35 magnet, there are squares, wafers, for reference only.
N35/F30*20*4mm magnetic 1640gs
N35/F112.6*8*2.58 Magnetic 1000gs
N35/D4*3 radial magnetization magnetic 2090gs
N35 counterbore / D25*D6*5 magnetic 2700gs
N35/D15*4 magnetic 2568gs
N35/F10*10*3 magnetic 2570gs

The article tells you in detail what the magnet n35 means? How many Gaussian magnets and magnets of the N35 magnet are strong? If you need to consult the price of NdFeB, please contact us.

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